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Whenever there is a rush of ideas and creative work in the studio, I get overwhelmed. There are things everywhere in and each of them in different stages, demanding different degrees of care and attention. And when I do attend to them, there is a stream of ideas that flows simultaneously into my spirit of endless possibilities.

My mom has always been anxious about the mess I make. Before any work is birthed, she would have gotten me to tidy up everything and most of the time, the work has been short circuited. I understand now that it can be a scary place to live in, especially if it isn’t your own mess. Even though I am now working in my own space, without having to cope with mom’s obsessive compulsive disorder, I catch myself tidying things, sorting things, categorising things, explaining things.. just a tad too early.

I have found dancing to liberate me from this old habit that serves no good purpose now. During my dance today, I realised the mess was the result of the way I move. There is a rhythm to the things around me.

Give it a try, if you are in a mess. The next move could change everything;

a move that redeems every move before. Or you may discover that there is a move;

a move that only you can make.


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