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Today is my first making session with Su.

Looking at this picture as I write, makes me think about how remarkable the venture of art-making is...

Getting to this place of “starting” took a few small beginnings…

Small beginning #1 (2 years ago) having faith to experiment making together without knowing where it would go,

Small beginning #2

pushing out rejected proposal 1 when we both had almost “no time” in our lives,

Small beginning #3

rejected proposal 2,

Small beginning #4

writing proposal 3 for grant.

Each of these small beginnings was an opportunity for practice and I’m glad we both took it as it came along, and we’re beaming to share our small beginning #5 - an exhibition at SPRMRKT coming April 2024!

Oh how excited were we to finally begin on our collaborative series of work “Planting Joy”.

What we made today :)

Could this be the day of small beginning for something you have been wanting to create?


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