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on my way to the loo on a mundane(day), this rock…,

I know this rock… I collected it from an outdoor trip but abandoned it in this corner because after cleaning the dirt off it, it was too “hole-ly” for me to look at. Some days later I dropped a couple of nails beside it from another event, and have been procrastinating to return them to the toolbox. The sight of them grew a little more unsettling each time I head to the toilet, reminding me of irk and an unfinished task.

But today, this rock… is a sculpture… This rock is an artwork. ⁣

⁣“I’ve nailed it” said Dominic, my husband. He did not know about it as I do, but felt like he had to do something with it when he saw them.

⁣oh how this little intervention relieved me of (what was it even?)


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