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When I was 14 I had a teacher Mr.Ng. He was hated by all my classmates because he was strict, stern and always demanded us to put up our chairs on the table when we end the day. I've not told anyone for fear of being mocked, but he was my favourite teacher. He taught me how to take responsibility for spending each day by constant, relentless encouragement (naggy to most) to use our school’s handbook dairy.

I listened to him and started doodling in it. Then I started writing down the homework I had to do. Then I started to write how I felt about the day. Then I started remembering what happened and look forward to what was going to happen. This habit changed the way I perceive each given day and continued even to this day.

One day, he came to class and asked, "What are the best things in life?” I had no idea. And no memory of what my classmates said but he said,

"The best things in life are free.

The air you breathe and the water you drink.

They are free."

I passed these two notice boards today and I'm really fond of them. I hope to make them into artworks. They are a familiar sight in the void deck of flats in Singapore and I remember as a kid I always approached them with a sense of anticipation. “What’s going on?” and tried to decipher the meaning of the images by the colors, shapes and composition of each A4 poster.

Beside that today was a smaller notice board that took my breath away.


I would add to the list of best things in life that are free.

But who takes their inspiration responsibly?


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