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Textured Territories




Sound, Collage

Textured Territories

Kindled by Andreas and Hazel-Lim Schlegel’s ‘The Oort Cloud and Blue Mountain’, we began exploring the limits of our senses on most familiar ground - our home.

Equipping ourselves with a digital scanner and microscope, we ventured into peripheral zones of our home, to find Dust and Packaging - always here today and gone tomorrow. With suspicious ears we interrogated every household appliance and device with an electromagnetic field microphone, to find them speaking in frequencies we cannot hear.

Our discoveries led us to map out the elusively textured dimensions of our home, creating these audio-visual landscapes of our subconscious.

traverse through textured territories

of everyday debris,

hidden and discarded -

enter into sound clouds

to discern grey noise -

stay in clouds of obscurity,

to find micro clusters


of dust notes and tears.

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Artwork was created in collaboration with Dominic Khoo,

and commissioned by Andreas and Hazel-Lim Schlegel.

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