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A Sort of Painting


Dimensions variable

Household objects, booklet


A Sort of Painting

Created in collaboration with a local art education company, Co-Creation, this DIY kit was inspired by “A Minute of Second Glance (2021)”, a series of paintings made with household objects. It challenges traditional painting methods by incorporating utilitarian objects such as sponges, kitchen cloths, and mop strips through the method of assemblage. The kit is designed to inspire creativity and innovation, while also providing art teachers with an effective tool for virtual art lessons. Participants are encouraged to explore the creative potential of everyday objects and to rethink their value in the context of art and self-expression.

A Sort of Painting, 2022.

Each kit comes with a unique combination of household objects varying in color, shape, texture and form.

An instructional book is included to help makers observe and explore the materials.

Co-Creation, A Sort of Painting, Introduction to workshop, 2022.

Created by students from Spectra Secondary School, these assemblages evoked memories and inspired a range of ideas of nature, imaginary places and creations, as well as objects and food.

"It reminded me of

...when i would do art when I was young"

...a playground, my childhood." room. It's messy but I love it." home as it's very messy and things can be found everywhere." childhood imaginations whenever I watched star wars with my brothers. it brings back the nostalgia when I would walk down the streets and just picture scenes of star wars happening in front of me."

...the fish doll reminds me of when i was younger and my grandma would take me to the wet market to buy fish and this one look like it."

...fixing lego pieces together"


Students of Spectra Secondary School. 2022

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