A Yellow to Remember

Images & Text on Wall

72 Muscat Street



A Yellow to Remember is an installation of images and text created in response to an existing wall color, Happy Day, from Nippon Paint. The artwork explores the experience of color through a poem, strung together with names from Nippon Paint’s catalog of yellow shades and hues. It also introspects the intimate relationship with color through a series of every-day images of yellow objects, space, and people. What is the yellow you remember?

A Pimrose from a Bag, with a Band, a Ring, and a Flag.
An Austere Lucky Charm from a Desert Fire,
Sassy, Absolute and Jumping For Joy,
A Buttercup Bouquet on a Circus Top,
Sunday Morning, Joy and Glory,
Sweet Crocus for Charm and Prominence,
Silky Veil and Ivory Helmet,
Morning Dawn with Daisy Petal,
Sparkling Lemon and Clear Filtered Light,
A Young Banana on a Sunny Little Isle,
Spinning Silk in Sails,
in fragrance of Tulip and Chromatella,
A Softly Lit Sun Miracle,
Niblets of Lemon Custard,
in Coffee Flavour and Ripe Wheat,
Meadow Daisy and a Slight Embrace,
the Sunway of Golden Touch,
a Light Tangerine in the Hearth,
of Jasmine in Sheer Bastiste,
the Pendent of Potenitilla,
the Necklace of Ixora,
All Gold and Lemon White,
in Zen and Shocking Blaze,
of Sunlight on a Single Feather,
Canary of Bright Lime,
An Evergold Mayan,
the Florist of Golden Ear and Heart of Gold,
in Sun Screen from the Backpacker’s Lodge,
A Jester with a Bronze Trophy,
of Dried Palm and Celery Seed,
A Harvest Flame of Water Chestnut,
on Woven Slats and Old Mat,
from Campus Green to Capitol’s Gold,
Mint and Powder of Natural Cane,
with Dry Bamboo and Crushed Moss,
A Knitted Sweater of Golden Sage,
Golden Bond and Natural Slates,
in Celery Powder, Moss Print and Feather Gold,
oh a Happy Day!